Our Vision

We envision a world where all people — from the U.S. to Palestine — live in freedom, justice, equality, and dignity.
Like generations of Jewish leftists before us, we fight for the liberation of all people. We believe that through organizing, we can and will dismantle the institutions and structures that sustain injustice and grow something new, joyful, beautiful, and life-sustaining in their place. 
We picture the concrete of the Apartheid wall in pieces on free Palestinian soil. We picture Israeli jails, prisons, and detention centers emptied and dismantled. We picture the return of Palestinian refugees, reuniting with their families and communities. We picture Palestinians — from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea — living with their inalienable rights respected, building schools and hospitals and planting olive groves with the resources they need. 
We imagine Jewish Israelis released from conscripted violence against Palestinians, free from dehumanizing others which in turn diminishes their own humanity. We imagine Jewish Israelis joining Palestinians to build a just society, rooted in equality rather than supremacy, dignity rather than domination, democracy rather than dispossession — a society where every life is precious. 
Throughout the Jewish diaspora, we envision our communities beginning to heal from the Zionist movement’s attempts to dilute and erase many of our diasporic histories, languages, and traditions. We envision replacing Jewish institutions that use fear to keep us in line, and the proliferation of thriving and vibrant Jewish communities building safety for ourselves and all our neighbors, grounded in a vision of dignity, power, and love for all people.